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                        I’m so glad you’re here! I’m Kaylon Jones, the photographer behind the lens. Kick up your feet and grab a glass of ice-cold sweet tea (a favorite here in Georgia). Let’s get to know each other!

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Who Is Kaylon Jones?

I am the mom of the most remarkable son, and a photographer seeking to infuse a sprinkle of magic into the world around me. I believe in the charm in our everyday lives. I see it in my family and those around us. We can feel it, and I attempt to portray that intangible feeling into something visible with my art. If you have ever been stopped in your tracks by an incredible photograph, you'll know what I'm saying. And that is exactly what I want for you and your family. To have those jaw dropping heirloom portraits hanging on your walls for generations.

About Me

A Little

The oak tree with the swing is more than just a brand or logo for me. It is representative of my childhood and will go right on into our son's, and hopefully, once we're ready for the studio, into your children's cherished memories as well.

As a child, I grew up with the best tree swing. The absolute best. It was tied up super high on the limb of a huge, sturdy oak tree in our backyard. My parents, uncles - whoever I could convince, really - would have to get a running start just to push the swing because the rope was so long to reach from that high branch. This added to the awesome swinging experience because, as a child, everything is bigger and better–a little more magical. That swing isn't physically there anymore, but it's still so vivid in my memories.

The oak tree and the swing don't just include my past, it's also the future for my family. I’m pleased to share that our family just bought our dream piece of property where we will soon start building our dream home. We wanted a location where we could grow and make memories as a family but also somewhere that could serve as a private backdrop for photoshoots. It's everything we could have dreamed of but what sealed the deal was right there in the middle of the split driveway is a giant oak tree, easily over 100 years old, perfect for our family swing.

the Tree Swing

The Story of

In the 2021 and 2022 WPE International Photography Awards, my work placed 3rd in the children's category while seven other images were awarded a silver badge. 

My photography has been published in Summerana Magazine, Child Couture Magazine, Shutter Up Magazine and several other photography and children’s magazines. 

My Achievements

I am a fine art photographer serving the southeast GA region, passionate about telling stories with my art. From Fine Art portrait sessions where my clients get the ultimate portrait experience to Photoshop editing tutorials, my goal is to highlight the charm of everyday life. Since I'm only one person and can only photograph a limited number of sessions, I love helping other professional photographers do the same. I help other photographers develop their artistic specialization and hone their skills. So when I'm not doing a portrait session I'm a photography teacher and coach dedicated to helping other artists through storytelling photography masterclasses, guided photo editing tutorials and more. 

What I Do

Let’s get creative

I'm excited to build a photography community full of like-minded photographers looking to create unique, scroll-stopping portraits. However, before that, I love getting behind the lens and capturing those special moments for my clients. 

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