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You know when you walk into your Grandmother's house and you see all of the family photos hanging on the wall in every room? And how you and your family sit around telling stories from many years ago, laughing, learning, loving, and reminiscing? You know that picture of you in a frilly dress or the one of your mom that is your grandmothers favorite? Or maybe when you look at your baby picture and compare the features of you and your new little bundle of joy trying to figure out who he/she resembles the most. All of these are just a few of the many reasons why having photos of your children is so important. Child portrait photography tells the story of this magical moment in your child's life. Many years from now they'll be able to tell that story to their children and grandchildren. With fine art photography, imagination and wonder is put front and center, bringing those memories to life. Time flies and our children grow faster than we can prepare for. The days are long and can be nothing but an exhausting blur (believe me, I know), but the years, gosh, the years fly by so fast. So fast that we find ourselves asking where the time has gone. One minute they need snuggles from mommy and it seems like the very next they are zooming out of the front door with hardly any time for anything more than a short hug and an "I love you Mom". Capturing precious moments from their childhood is so important. Archiving those photos is so important. I promise you that no parent ever looks back and says "I wish I wouldn't have had my children's photos taken". One more thing I can promise is that looking back and not having had your children's photos taken is one that every parent regrets. It's not just about the here and now, it's about their memories (and yours), their future, and their legacy. 

Timeless Child Portraiture

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I am a full service Fine Art photography studio located in Hazlehurst, Ga serving Savannah, Ga and many other surrounding areas. I have clients come from all over for their portrait session with me. You can choose outdoor or studio, or a combination of the two for your child's photo session. My wardrobe for children is full of clothing for boys and girls in all styles. You can choose from a more casual, relaxed look to a timeless vintage feel to even a princess couture look. I have something for everyone. My vintage props really help bring out the true joys of childhood.

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