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The photo editing tutorials are perfect for anyone who wants to create original storybook photography. I started these photo editing videos intentionally for professional photographers looking for a way to elevate their abilities and set their work apart from the competition. But really, anyone can use them! If you're a pro, a hobbyist or a parent, these editing tutorials are meant for you to take your photography editing skills to the next level.

My Photoshop demonstrations are designed for people with a range of photo skills, from beginners to professionals - anyone who wants to take everyday images and turn them into unique fairytale photographs. Let’s bring your photos to life!

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Learn how to turn dull images into vibrant storybook photos with these editing tutorials. In each tutorial, I explain each step of the editing process as I live-edit the photo from start to finish. No actions or presets! With my editing tutorials, you will learn how to make your subject stand out and apart from the background, get beautiful sun-kissed skin tones, and bring your photos to life in the most magical way.

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I am the proud winner of several 2021 WPE International Photography Award badges in children’s photography. I am also honored to have been featured in Child Couture Magazine, Shutter Up Magazine, and more.

Above all, creating whimsical storytelling photography is my passion. I love teaching others how to bring the magic of childhood to life through photography. My mission is to train professional photographers and hobbyists alike to create fine art photography with original Photoshop demonstrations and photography masterclasses.

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Learn How to Make Your Photos Stand Out

Learn how to create a storytelling-styled photoshoot from the ground up. The photography masterclasses for professional photographers cover everything from setting up your photo session to Photoshop editing tutorials, giving you all of the information you need to help you create whimsical storybook photos. Masters of the craft always have more to learn. Infuse your work with creativity and enchantment. Impress your clients and develop a unique portfolio that grabs attention.

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Don’t do it yourself - I’m here to help. I can edit one or a series of photos, creating a whimsical wonderland.

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